Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Want to Go WHERE??? And Do WHAT???

Okay, this post will prove that the WINs will do ANYTHING to amuse themselves. Someone (who shall not be named) decided that we really needed to see what was inside one of the 2 old water tanks at the Slabs. So after forming a ritual committee, and a safety committee, off we went.

The first thing we saw was the home of "Half Pint." She lives happily here in this box. The paintings on the side of the tank were also very interesting. It turns out they were painted over a 2-year period by a member of the WINs! Who knew! You can tell what he has on HIS mind!

The safety committee borrowed 2 large ladders from Leonard over at Salvation Mountain, and made sure they were secured, then over they went.

I decided someone needed to be the official photographer.

So I peeked over the top of the ladder into the tank. What in the world are they doing???

Some kind of jiggling ritual!

Maybe YOU can figure it out....

Bagbipe Bob added to the ceremony.

All too soon it was over, but not before they all left their mark on one of the columns.


  1. At first I thought all that jiggling was live interpretation of the wall art.

  2. WOW!!! You folks are an interesting group, lol.

    Too funny!

  3. Half Pint? I must have missed something!

  4. On my one and only visit to the Slabs, someone was living in ONE of those big rounds while the other was empty. And the paintings on one of them was done by Tom McGrath and were not political, but something else...Anyway, the Indian family that was living inside, what's become of them? Or are they still there? Great Job, Diane-

    Mary M


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