Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting in the Mood for Christmas

Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas as much as going to see my grandchildren in San Diego. Their tree was up, and decorated as much as it could be.

Here's the reason why there are no ornaments on the bottom half. Jonathan loves Christmas ornaments as much as I do!

One night we went to see the outstanding decorations on Glendon Circle. These people really go all out!

One enterprising homeowner sells kettle corn. Mara and Corrie were really looking forward to that.

The snowmen like to sunbathe around here. Or at least they normally do. The weather here has been cold and rainy.

On Sunday, the local park had a snow celebration. In spite of the cold weather, they still had to cart the snow in from the mountains. Mara got a short sled ride.

And she got to throw a snowball at Santa. Is that any way to guarantee a good Christmas take?

They had a lot of really good rides there, and Mara went on them all. She has no fear! Here she and Brian are on one even I wouldn't go on.

We went to see Santa, but Jonathan was at that "unsure-of-that-weird-looking-guy" age.

But don't worry -- Grandma and her computer can easily fix that!


  1. Fantastic pictures..! You really enjoyed a lot. Your Christmas is beautiful.

  2. Merry Christmas!! Even San Diego is in the spirit with cold weather.

    I have a 14 year old picture of my grandson on Santa's lap that needs fixing.

  3. Our Tree looks a bit like that....Katz gets up in the tree and knocks Ornaments off.

    Hmm, Sunbathing Snowmen and Snowstorm-a-la-18wheeler. Could only happen in Southern Cali, Eh?

    Naughty Grandma with her 'Puter. Diana, do you suppose Santa might leave Coal in your Stocking?? :~)


  4. I like that last photo,.. you certainly are the "queen of photoshop!" Great looking grandkids!

  5. Love what you did with the Santa photo. Such a genius I have for a cousin. I am blessed!

  6. Great Pictures Diana,
    I knew you'd post some when you went to San Diego. Can't believe how big the kids are getting. Mara is looking mighty tall.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. Looks like you have gotten the "Christmas Spririt". Merry Christmas and I'll see you after the holidays.

  8. You are tooo funny. Have a wonderful Christmas and we'll see you soon.


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