Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in San Diego

This year I decided to splurge, and stay in a REALLY EXPENSIVE county park, Santee Lakes. Daughter Corrie lives in Santee only a couple of miles away.

It's beautiful, with 7 lakes, and 300 RV sites. Even though it's pricey, the sites are all full.

It's been pretty cool and rainy, which meant it SNOWED in the mountains. So last week we drove up to Julian so the kids could really experience snow for the first time. Mara and her Daddy made the world's smallest snowman.

Jonathan didn't know quite what to do with the snow, but quickly figured something out.

One good thing to do on a rainy day is make cookies!

After Corrie cut them out, Mara decorated, sprinkling them lightly with sugar.

Like this!

I gave Mara a Big Girl Camera for Christmas. She's really quite the photographer.

While Mara really opened presents in a hurry, Jonathan took his time.

I got him a Thomas the Train flashlight engine. I think it was a hit.

Although this was from Thanksgiving, I thought it was really cute to see the things that Mara is most thankful for.


  1. I just hit the web cam for Santee Lakes, it's the most beautiful sunrise over the water!

  2. Grandkids certainly make Christmas fun again!!

  3. Aren't grandkids great! They make the holidays.


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