Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Camera at the Zoo

Why did I need another camera? I already have quite a few. I love my little Canon SD1000 -- it fits easily in my pocket and I can take it everywhere -- but I felt the need for a medium quality camera that would still fit in my pocket if necessary, but where I could control the settings more, and get a better quality picture. I love the Canons, so I settled on a SX110IS. The new features?

Image stabilization
Ability to set shutter speed and aperture
10X optical zoom
Ability to focus manually
A bigger, better quality lens

One of the best places to try out the zoom lens is at the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is one of the best. Look at the detail the pieces of straw in the camel's hair. This was zoomed to almost 300mm in a 35mm equivalent.

Miss Piggy's blond hair and warts are pretty sharp.

The flamingos were very pink and must have a regular shrimp diet.

This clouded leopard was in a show, and listened better than any cat I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, I had not charged the batteries recently, so the rest of the pictures were taken with the tiny camera. The gorilla kids were having a great time putting burlap bags over their head until mom came over and put a stop to it.

This Komodo Dragon seemed really interest in my hat.

But of course the star of the San Diego Zoo is the baby panda. Sixteen-month old Zhen Zhen will be separated from Mommy in another 2 months, then sent back to China when she is 3 years old.


  1. Camera picture quality seems nice. I notice you don't use the D70 much anymore :( That would have been nice at the zoo! Thanks for snapping the picture of my favorite kitty! :) They listen because they are smarter then the rest...

  2. Great photos Diana. I've been following your blog(s) for a year or so now. Ironically, I just purchased a similar camera, but for the opposite "direction."

    My good camera and lenses take a backpack and weigh around 30 lbs. My new camera, Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ28K, fits in my glove compartment and weighs less than a pound - yet takes nearly the same quality photos. Technology is really providing miracles for full-timers.

    Enjoy your new toy!

  3. The zoo pictures do look great and that image stabilization will come in handy on 4-wheel trips.

  4. Great pictures! Great camera choice. You did good!!

  5. Hi Diana, Ive been following your blog for a while now, and I see you have chosen the Canon SX110Is. I too have had Canons for many years, my first was the AE 1, and I'm thinking of getting the same as yours. At the moment I use an old Ixus, which has given good service but I feel its time to upgrade and dont want a DSLR with all the weight and lenses. So I'd be very interested in how you get on with the SX. I'm impressed with the photos you took. Any thoughts on the SX would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Your new camera is great!!
    That small one is still good.
    That Panda is so cute.

  7. My gosh Diana, you do buy cameras like some of us gals buy shoes. But the pictures are fantastic. I love the San Diego zoo.


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