Sunday, October 5, 2008

Up the Shafer Trail

An alternate way up to the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands National Park, the Shafer trail is a long, dusty, bumpy, but beautiful road. High clearance vehicles are recommended.

The road goes by Thelma and Louise Point, made famous in the ending scene of the 1991 movie --

Where Thelma and Louise drove their car off the cliff into the Colorado River.

This is the Thelma dummy used in the movie. Louise was stolen some years back.

The road gets a little worse, but still doesn't need 4-wheel drive.

This is the section of the road below Dead Horse Point, where our jet boat turned around the day before.

After a long while, the road ends up at the base of a cliff. Here I am looking back at the road. My son gave me a HEAVY camera when I was back East. I sure hope I don't drop it!

And these are the switchbacks I came up. If you look closely you can see some tiny cars down there.

Once up on the Island in the Sky mesa, I went to all the viewpoints, including this view of Monument Basin from the Grand View Overlook.

And a glimpse of the Green River before it merges with the Colorado River, from Green River Overlook.

The classic shot from Mesa Arch.

And Daredevil Diana on top!

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