Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Favorite Page

Page, Arizona is one of my favorite places. Besides being close to the Wave and Antelope Canyon, which I visited last year, there is a gorgeous campground right on the beach at Lone Rock. This is the view out my window.

48 of the WINs are out on 4 houseboats, and most of them, and their pet sitters, are parked just down from me. I can't wait to hear the stories of all those single individuals on 4 little boats.

So I went down to the marina Sunday morning to welcome them in. This looks like them!

The excitement builds!

We had a great reunion, and got to hear all about it at circle that afternoon.

Max and Judy gave me their pictures, and I thought this one showed just how much fun the WINs can have. If Judy ever updates her blog, we can read more about it. Or, you can read Richard's account here.

Also near Page are the "Toadstools," a short 8/10th mile hike. Unfortunately, this is the only one I found, and I know there are supposed to be others.

One last bit of excitement -- when I was at the RV dump at the campground, I met up with a rattlesnake. I managed to snap this shot of his back end before he hurried back into his hole.


  1. Hi Diana, I'm excited to see you're in my neck of the woods. Would you believe in the 10+ yrs I've been in the desert, I've never seen a snake or scorpion. Maybe I should get out more, lol.

    Are you heading to Quartszite or do you still have more traveling to do???

    Hopefully we'll make the Q show this year.

  2. Beautiful photos. I was dreaming today of Thanksgiving and being at Borrego Springs. We have Wednesday through Friday off so I'm going to take Monday and Tuesday off so I'll have a whole week...

  3. Gee, I thought there was only one toadstool. That's all I saw. I'm sorry I'm missing all the good stories.

  4. Your photos were great, well .. until the last one. I'm glad it's you who saw that rattlesnake!! I am not a snake fan and i panic when i see them. I start sweating, freeze where i am, no way could i have thought to grab my camera. ROFL I have a question though. How far from the dump was this thing? I was thinking of heading out west next year. Ummm maybe i better rethink that if those creatures are out and about. LOL

  5. Great snake shot!! I can hear that tail rattle!!!

  6. Mary, I'll be in Quartzsite for the show in January.

    Desert Diva, looking forward to meeting up with you at Borrego Springs.

    Ms Southwind, the snake was right next to the dump. The funny thing was that there were lots of other holes there and I was wondering if all of them contained a snake.

    And Sally, I should have done a movie. The tail was rattling away like crazy.

  7. Heh, that's the Good kind [of Rattler], the ones that do Buzzz. The scary ones are those that remain silent....



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