Friday, October 24, 2008

Murder and Mayhem

While the WINs were at Boulder Beach, 20 of us put on a Murder Mystery called "Margaritaland," a night of chaos and crime in the Caribbean. I was lucky enough just to enjoy it from the audience. But before the big show could go off, lots of thrift store shopping for costumes had to happen. Hmmmmm... Who is this attractive lady in blue?

It's Brad! Otherwise known as Coconut Jane, wife of the owner of Margaritaland. Another of the male participants had a female role, and two of the female participants had male roles. Can you spot them?

The murder mystery kit came with character descriptions and objectives, but no actual script. It was up to each character to get their points across. We soon found out that it worked better if only one person talked at a time!

Some of the cast -- BJ Baggage the bellhop, Lifesavin' Sam, the lifeguard, Thurston Howard III, the millionaire, Tatum Tatt, the tattoo artist, Jack Daniels, the bartender, and Starr Bright, the movie star.

My favorite costume and performer was Candy Cotton, the millionaire's girlfriend.

Here Jack Daniels and the bar manager, Bindy Barkeep, share a "private" moment. Jack's philandering ways get him in a lot of trouble. --

And ultimately contribute to his demise.

There are no shortage of motives, and it's up to Sgt. Lord to go through the evidence and nail the murderer. I'm not going to give that away, but, if you really want to know, Judy did in her blog, plus she has pictures of all 20 actors.


  1. What fun! Brad really looks great in his costume. I hope the guilty party was caught.

  2. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time - Brad's costume is just too funny!

  3. Loved the photos. Brad has nice ankles and a great sense of style. Matching dress, shoes and hat - WOW!

  4. How Funny!!! I think I've actually seen some of these characters in the Caribbean.


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