Friday, October 10, 2008

Angels Landing

Another of my all-time favorite hikes, this one involves climbing 1500 feet to the top of this peak in Zion National Park. It's a little intimidating! I've done it before, but I'm a little older now. (Apparently, not any wiser...)

Two mule deer cheered me on.

On the first part of the hike, you go along the river, and then up a bunch of switchbacks.

Then go back through "Refrigerator Canyon," on the left side of the first picture.

Where you find "Walter's Wiggles," a set of 21 switchbacks --

More easily seen from above.

So far, the trail's been paved, but that changes rapidly. Chains help you climb over a hill.

Then you come to this. Wow! I have to climb that?

Once more, chains help you over the really bad spots, such as this very narrow rock with 1000' dropoffs on either side.

Don't look down!!!

After a half mile of rock scrambling, during which time I was too scared to take pictures, I made it to the top.

I made my way to the point, where I found -- Yoga Guy!

When he was done, he took my picture.

And I got a great view both down-canyon --

And up-canyon.

Going down was just as hard as going up, but I made it, and all in one piece.


  1. Great going! Did you get the T-shirt?

    For me, it was a fun hike up to the chain where acrophobia set in.

  2. More Great PICs, Diana! Jan says she will do it but for me the Vertigo would put me Spread Eagle on my Belly.


  3. Gee, I didn't know there was a t-shirt!

  4. Beautifully pictures and what a daunting hike!! I'll put it on my "to do" list.

  5. Ditto Sharon's comment. And thanks.

  6. There you go again, doing amazingly daring stuff!

  7. Wow! You did it again! I'm not sure I would still make it. It is an amazing hike and you chronicled it perfectly.

  8. Great pictures. I envy you the stamina and courage --I'd never make it--


  9. OMG,... I couldn't do that. My fear of height would kick in and I'd freeze hanging onto those chains! You "did good!" gal!

  10. HEY Diana thanks for the link to this post_FANTASTIC HIKE!! I was told about the narrow part at the end by a lady who had hiked it and she was NOT LYING by the looks of these shots..YOU did GOOD girl that Yoga guy has nothing on you!! lol Great photos!


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