Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jet Boating down the Colorado

Barbara got the itch to go on a 32-mile jet boat trip down the Colorado River. Andrew was our captain/tour guide/stand-up comic.

My best estimate of our speed was about 25 miles per hour. Fast enough to keep us cool on a pretty hot day.

We went by Jug Handle Arch.

And stopped at a boat ramp so we could use the facilities. (Otherwise, we would be forced to use the facili-trees!)

At one point, we stopped to go on a short hike to an area that had petrified logs and other interesting rock formations.

I loved how this petrified log came out of the rock.

This was our turnaround point -- just around the corner from Dead Horse Point, the tall cliff on the right.

Another short video, this time of our trip back.

The reflections going back were just great!

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  1. Love the videos - especially when I turned my sound back on.


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