Monday, July 23, 2012

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Cheyenne Frontier Days - an experience not to be missed! I'm anxiously awaiting the first of 3 monster parades this week, each over an hour long. They start at the capitol, and I think I can see them coming.

In most states, the Governor would be riding in a fancy car. But not in Wyoming! (Sorry I only got a butt shot...)

There are lots and lots of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen - from these giants (Percherons?) -

To this tiny baby pony on the right.

Some had fancy pedicures -

Some needed to go to the beauty shop for a haircut -

And some had just come from there with a fancy hairdo, complete with glitter.

With all these horses, there are bound to be a few "accidents." It used to be a guy following along behind with a shovel. But now -

There's are fancy "pooper scoopers" doing the job.

There were lots of floats in the parade - this one celebrating the last man to be legally hanged in Wyoming.

The Indians had a couple of floats. Why is he texting and not waving?

There were also lots of tractors -

And this cute little train.

Okay, now I need to turn on the recorder. I can never resist a rendition of "Orange Blossom Special" - the national anthem of fiddle players. Love it!

And last but not least, the rusty stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hello this is Jim from Orange County , CA. I have been following you for almost 4 years. Love it. I am 54 and plan on fulltiming some day. Anyway I drove through Cheyenne last year from Chicago. A guy I met in Iowa who was retired told me to take the "Great Sky Road" out of Laramie. You go up through Centennial. I did. It was so beautiful. He said it was the most beautiful road in America. I'm not sure about that but it was well worth the detoure from Chicago to Orange County.

gumo said...

Loved it! I especially enjoyed the Srolling Strings group. It looks and sounds like a healthy club

Gaelyn said...

Great parade. Seems like people in the parade could leave their dam phones home for once.

E Squared and Mui said...

"Why is he texting and not waving?" ... way too connected IMHO.

longdog2 said...

Great parade. Great butt shot to start!

Travelwithwhippets said...

Very cool! We will have to plan a Cheyenne visit during Frontier Days some time in the future. Thanks.

Me and My Dog said...

I love parades! This looks like a good one.

Also love the fiddlers playing Orange Blossom Special!

Jill said...

I am sure that baby pony stole the show!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Amazing braiding on that horse. I guess some folks have too much time on their hands? ;c)

Glad you got a rusty fix, I know how that stuff keeps you going! :c)

Barbara and Ron said...

I love the little train, but celebrating the last person to be legally hung seems strange to me.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great parade, we made that party once:)

Kevin H said...

Hey Diana - Did not realize you were headed to Cheyenne. I grew up there. Marched in the city band in that parade many times!

The hanging float has been in it for as long as I can remember. At least 50 years!

I even remember my father marching in the Legion band.

The small train has been in it a long time too.

Can't recall seeing any of the Injuns texting tho!!!

The street sweepers at the tail end of everything (pun intended) was always he signal that the parade was over!

Brings back memories. Are you by any chance headed to Yellowstone? We are up here working for the summer and it would be hoot to meet you. Been reading your blog for quite a while.

-- Kevin

Diana said...

Kevin, sorry, but I won't be in Yellowstone this year. It must have been wonderful growing up in Cheyenne - it's a great town!

ThePaynes said...

Diana, I've been following your blog for some time now. Always have enjoyed it and this was no exception. Thanks for sharing! Rod Payne

Stephanie Cross said...

I am one of the tractor drivers in your picture!! How cool to know people enjoy it! Great picture as grandfather owns all of those and everyone driving one is a family member!