Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Fun at Paul's

I wasn't sure I wanted to go to the Volo Auto Museum. Sounded like a guy thing to me. I was afraid there would just be a lot of old cars, but I was pleasantly surprised. Most of these cars I remembered! (Duh, maybe I'm just old...)

Most of the cars were for sale.

But my favorite part was a large collection of TV and movie cars, including the Batmobile,

The Flintstone-mobile,

And the Cat-in-the-Hat-Mobile, which cost 1.2 million to build and was used by Mike Myers in the 2003 movie.

I had a great time hamming it up with the Blues Brothers.

On another day, we went to tour the Golden Oaks Farm. This is a beautiful dairy farm, the home of 600 registered Holsteins.

The cows are milked 3 times a day, and each produce an average of 10 gallons of milk per day. The milk is carried away in a stainless steel enclosed system to the processor and cooled from 100 degrees to 36 degrees, all in 15 minutes.

The cows were a little skittish, except for this curious one.

Here's what I was amazed by -- there was no cow manure smell! The barns are cleaned 3 times a day. What a difference between this and the barns around Yuma, where the smell is evident for miles around.

And last, but not least, we had a pig roast! Lots of testosterone was necessary to check to see if Miss Piggy was done.




Barbara and Ron said...

I remember a few years ago when I went to an antique car show and realized that most of the cars were younger than me. Not a happy thought.

Oh, and the pig is done when the little timer thingy pops up!

Lew & Jan Johns said...

Remember in the movie Giant when they served Liz Taylor Brains scooped straight from the freshly roasted Pig? Definitely a Hollywood Moment.

Ed said...

There is a huge difference in smell between a Dairy and a Feed Lot! LOL