Monday, April 29, 2019

Cruising Back Up to Ensenada

After our stop in Cabo San Lucas, we had another Day At Sea on our way north. Look at this water slide we had on the ship!

My granddaughter and I had to do it. Here we are waiting to go down.

I made it!

One evening we had a Pirate Night. Look who I latched on to - Jack Sparrow!!!

Here's the whole gang.

When we got back from dinner, there was a little animal reading on our bed.

The next day we landed in Ensenada. We had no tour scheduled, so we just walked around town. I had just been here on my Baja bus tour, so I was the tour guide.

The tide was out.

Lots of birds were looking for goodies.

There was a cute fountain on the harbor, with our ship in the background.

We were welcomed by some sea lions.

Bark! Bark!

I showed them Plaza Civica de la Patria, we did a lot of shopping -

And I took them to my favorite place for lunch - The Donut Bar! Yummmm!

On our last night on the ship, we got to see the play "Frozen." Wow - it was great!

I guess it's back to reality now...

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