Monday, May 7, 2018

More New Mexico State Parks

This is the first time I have spent time in the New Mexico State Parks. I have to say I am pretty impressed! I next stayed at Storrie Lake State Park, near Las Vegas, NM. I really liked it because it was a beautiful place, but close to town.

When we heard that there was a hot springs nearby, we were off! Montezuma Hot Springs are a series of hot springs of different temperatures right along the river. This is the hottest. Don and Mary were brave enough to stick their feet in, but I was too wimpy...

I went over to the "Kid's Pool."

Next, I moved on to Santa Rosa Lake State Park.

The main reason was to see the "Blue Hole," a pool that is a popular dive spot. It has a constant temperature of 61 degrees.

There was no one diving when we were there, so I thought I should jump in.

And go scuba diving!

We also did a little hike on the Galinas Nature Trail, where there were some unique historic ruins.

Afterwards, we went to the Visitor Center, where we met the ranger's "Support Pig." Very cute and friendly...


  1. New Mexico state parks aren't as expensive as other states for out of state season passes.

  2. Whenever we need to recoup money we do the NM state parks. We’ve done then 3 times and will probably do them next year. We have stayed 7 months or less. We did them last year. Another good thing is most of the town they are near have Senior Centers with good meals for $3 or less.


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