Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Animals and Indians

While parked at Cheney Reservoir State Park, I went to the outskirts of Wichita to go to the Sedgwick County Zoo. I loved the welcoming committee, and the way the zoo is set up by continent.

They had a lot of the usual animals, in very nice enclosures. This is Daddy and baby lion.

And of course, a bald eagle.

My favorite is the gorillas. I just love looking at their hands.

And the baby was adorable, although way too fast to get a good picture.

And they even had some Humboldt Penguins, the second smallest after the Galapagos penguins.

But there were a lot of these signs, which upset me. Not because I couldn't see the animals, but because I wondered where they were. Instead of in their nice zoo enclosures, were they stuck in a little cage somewhere? (This was several weeks ago when the weather was much cooler...)

My next stop was a 2-night stop at a Corps of Engineers park on Melvern Lake, east of Emporia, Kansas. These COE parks just can't be beat!

I saw wildlife...

And up on the hill, there was an Indian guard!


  1. I love Kansas! Agree the COE camps are awesome... don't miss the Chalk Pyramids, (aka Monument Rocks) really fascinating. South of Oakley if you go that direction.


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