Monday, May 21, 2018

I'm in Kansas, Dorothy!

I next moved into Kansas, still on my way to join the WIN's Lewis and Clark circuit. I stayed 3 nights at Cheney Reservoir State Park, a gorgeous place that I stayed at 3 years ago, just west of Wichita.

The view out my door.

I had the opportunity to do another dam walk.

But the biggest surprise was this Nine-Banded Armadillo, wandering through the campground.

These noisy guys were all over the place, but fun to watch.

In nearby Hutchinson is one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas.

Well, actually it's 650 feet underground - Strataca, a huge salt mine and museum.

I saw lots of rusty stuff -

And some very interesting old garbage.

Some of it was stuffed into cracks in the salt walls.

The potty wasn't too fancy...

We got two narrated rides. The first was a 15-minute train ride on the Salt Mine Express.

And then a tram ride that was a little longer.

This map shows how big the mine is (the yellow section) underneath the town of Hutchinson.

Since they have lots of room down here, there is a storage section for movie props, including lots of Super Hero costumes. Not sure what the connection is there...

Another sunset view out my window back at the campground. Great place!


  1. Perhaps because in the mine the temperature is constant, and the humidity is low, it makes a good storage place. There is a similar mine under Kansas City, and the USPS uses it to store stamp stock and other postal products.

  2. Love you in the miners hat! That's some big pile of garbage. I had no idea miners were so trashy. Great picture of the armadillo.

  3. Hope you were able to keep both feet on the ground:)


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