Monday, August 14, 2017

Wimpy Diana Moves to a Hookup!

The WINs moved to Missoula from Kalispell, but the temperatures we in the high 90s, so I went to Whitefish instead and scored a hookup at the Moose Lodge. Some wasps were busy in my electrical spot, but we managed to coexist.

I went to the Farmers Market in Whitefish and managed to get some Lambert cherries. I heard they were the best, and they were! And they were sold out in 5 minutes, but I managed to get a pound.

The other reason I went to Whitefish was the opportunity to go back to Glacier National Park. On the way, I took a side trip to see Hungry Horse dam.

I also stopped at some of the waterfalls along McDonald Creek.

But my main goal was the hike to Hidden Lake. When I did a short part of the trail 10 days ago, the fields were full of Glacial Lilies. But now there are very different flowers here!

Right off the bat, I saw some wildlife.

And farther on, a waterfall.

And wow! A mountain goat! Finally - the grizzly bear must have left the area.

It's a beautiful hike - my favorite kind, not in the trees, and fabulous views everywhere.

Hidden Lake is below that mountain in the distance.

My arrival at the overlook.

A panorama view of the entire lake.

You can walk down to the lake, but it's quite a bit lower and then you have to walk back up. So I stayed at the overlook.

On the way back, I walked by a mother and baby mountain goat right by the trail! Now I'm really happy!

Also on the way back, I got a good view of the Garden Wall, the glacial ridge on the continental divide.


  1. when I worked in Washington I went back to the Glacier area as often as I could. It was really nice to me.

  2. How is the RV Park? We will be in the Whitefish/Kalispell area near the end of September and I am looking for a place to stay. Did you boondocks in Kalispell, I can't remember from your blogs.

    1. I was not really in an RV park. If you are a member of the Moose Lodge, they have 3 hookups in Whitefish. If not, the Kalispell fairgrounds has lots of hookups, but they are only 20 amp. But if not very many people are there, you can run 1 air conditioner.

  3. Into every life some FHUs must fall! ;c)

  4. Swell pics..and no smoke...Thanks!...
    How about the skeeters?..They have been nutz everywhere this year..West Nile down in the Boise area, and a bunch of other Idee-ho areas..


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