Monday, August 7, 2017

My Favorite Hike in Glacier

A few days after our marathon trip through Glacier National Park, we went back to do my favorite hike, the Highline Trail. It begins at Logan Pass across the street from the Visitors Center. The trail starts out easy enough -

Then goes through a part that can be scary if you are afraid of heights. But I definitely am not!

The trail continues on the side of the hill, but it's not as steep. The Beargrass was still blooming and beautiful. Named by Lewis and Clark, it's a misnomer, since it's not a grass, and bears don't even like it.

Farther along, there was a lot of Beargrass that was almost done blooming.

We stopped for the obligatory photo.

I like this trail so much for two reasons - it is wide open with fantastic views, and every other time I've hiked it, there have been mountain goats using the same trail. Passing gets a little difficult in some places where the trail narrows. Unfortunately, we heard that a grizzly bear had chased all the goats away recently.

To see a post where I saw lots of mountain goats on this trail, click here.

We did see some cute wildlife on the trail -

But WOW, we hit the motherlode on the way back to the trailhead. 15-20 Bighorn Sheep!

Most were males, and this guy was definitely the alpha male. Look at the size of those horns!

After getting back to the Visitors Center, I walked up the Hidden Lake trail a little way to get a shot of the Glacier Lilies. They only are out for a little while right after the snow disappears.

It was a fantastic day!


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing those views.
    Would love to walk that trail !

  2. Marvelous! I hiked some of this trail when I was there long ago...did see some goats on the trail, that was fun! The flowers are beautiful!!


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