Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Long Trip Through Glacier National Park, but WOW What Beauty!

The WINs next moved on to Kalispell, MT, where the main focus was Glacier National Park. Early on, 4 of us went on a very long trip through and around the park. We left at 5 am and drove up the Going to the Sun Road over Logan Pass. Since we will be back here later, we didn't stop, but kept driving to the East side of the park.

There, we made one stop at Saint Mary Lake to get the classic shot.

We tried to get a picture of us, but it was too early in the morning and we were in the shade.

We then went all the way through the park, turned north, and reentered the park to go to the Many Glacier section of the park. We did a short walk to Fishercap Lake, hoping to see moose in the lake, which I have seen before. Apparently we missed one by just a couple minutes.

So all we saw were some cute little deer.

We then went back to the Grinnell Glacier trailhead and walked to the end of Swiftcurrent Lake. That's Many Glacier Lodge back at the other end of the lake.

From there we walked up and over a short hill to Lake Josephine.

And hiked the entire length of it, stopping to admire a little glacier maybe?

The deer on the trail were very friendly.

From the end of the lake we got a good view of Salamander Glacier.

This is the view looking back where we came from.

We then retraced our steps. This is the view back across Swiftcurrent Lake to the lodge.

We made it back to the car, even though I was distracted several times.

Driving back to Many Glacier Lodge, there were several cars stopped along the road. We stopped too, and saw a grizzly bear up on the hill. Wow!

We checked out the lodge, and wow, what a gorgeous view these people have!

We then drove down to the Two Medicine section of the park. We took a short walk to Running Eagle Falls, aka Trick Falls. It looks like the water is coming straight out of the rock! Sometimes the water comes over the top too.

A view of Two Medicine Lake.

We drove home around the south end of the park, stopping at several places. One was the Isaak Walton Hotel, which used to be a train station.

It was a great day! We got home at 5 pm, exactly 12 hours after we left, and 260 miles later! Thanks, Paul, for driving!


  1. A beautiful place, but a long day trip.

  2. Great shots of such a petty place and a bear too - wow.

  3. When the sun is shining that area is gorgeous. Been a long time since we've done a day trip like that. The grizzly was definitely a big wow.

  4. How lucky we all are to b in such great places! We loved our weeks at Glacier, and hope to return another year.

  5. You are right!!! Wow! What beauty!!
    How cool to see a grizzly!! Thanks for sharing!!


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