Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Day I've Been Waiting All My Life For - My First Total Eclipse!

The WINs are staying in Cody, WY, just north of the zone of totality. We didn't know where we would watch the eclipse, but left at 5:00 am and headed south. After 100 miles, we saw this beautiful spot in Boysen State Park, just north of Shoshoni. The beauty made us stop -

But the main reason was that they had bathrooms here! Whoa! We got here just after the sun rose.

About 3 hours later, something took a bite out of the sun!

All these pictures are taken about 10 minutes apart.

We are not the only people here now, but it really isn't very crowded.

The moon encroached on the sun -

More and more.

Don't we look cute in our eclipse glasses!

By this time, the sun looked like a crescent moon.

Smaller and smaller...

I took these pictures by using my eclipse glasses on my camera.

Almost there!

About this time, we noticed that the sun shining through the leaves on our tree were crescent-shaped!

And then, one of our neighbors brought over a colander that had crescent-shaped light shining through all the holes!

Wow! By this time, I could hardly contain my excitement!

It started to get dark -

And then we had a 360 degree sunset. I didn't get a photo of it, but fortunately, Patricia did.

And then, all of a sudden, the lights went out, and you could see a ring in the sky, the sun's corolla!

After 2 minutes of darkness, the sun started to come out again, and we saw the diamond ring.

We were worried about the traffic going home, but it was fine, except for a short delay when we got back to Cody.

A great experience and a great day!


  1. It is a magical moment, we were lucky to experience one here a few years ago. Great pictures. Thanks.

  2. HOW awesome!! We saw the leaf patterns, but we didn't buy any glasses, stupidly since we were not in the total path..
    You rocked those photos!!

  3. Wow absolutely the best eclipse pictures I have seen! Total awesome!!!

  4. We only got to see a partial eclipse. In fact in this area, it was pretty lame. Loved your photos but really liked the one of the sun's corona where you could see the red flares. The diamond ring photo was perfect too. Thanks for posting.


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