Friday, September 11, 2015

Moving On to Portland

Portland is the largest city in Maine, and it was quite a shock after the last month or so of being in sparsely populated areas.

The first morning we walked around town. I loved the old cobblestone streets.

I saw this sign in one of the stores, and thought it was hysterical.

We also walked up the Portland Observatory, an old maritime signal tower.

From the top you can get a view of 3 lighthouses, although one is pretty far away. We'll get a closer look of them later.

We then went over to the Liberty Ship Memorial, located on what used to be a World War II shipyard.

266 Liberty Ships were produced here in a pretty short period of time.

And for dessert, we went to see Lenny, the world's only life-size chocolate moose. He's made of 1700 pounds of milk chocolate.

Yummy! Let's see how he tastes!


  1. You must have been reading Roadside America. LOL at the last picture. Did someone come running up yelling, "don't eat the moose"??? A 1700 pound chocolate moose is amazing and he never melts? How long has he been there? Are those chocolate bears with him? I might stop in Portland just to see them. Thanks! Bet you had to buy some candy. Really looking forward to those lighthouses.

    1. Lenny has been there since 1997, and still hasn't melted. Libby the bear and her cubs, Cocoa and Chip, are fairly new.

  2. We took a day cruise on one of the few remaining Liberty ships that are still afloat ... it was quite the experience and gave us an interesting perspective of Chesapeake Bay.

  3. We saw chocolate moose in Vermont yesterday out they were miniatures at only 100 pounds!


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