Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lighthouses and Forts - Two Things I Can't Resist!

Portland, ME is a great spot for scouting out lighthouses and forts. The first one, and the one closest to city-center is Bug Light.

So named because it is "Cute as a Bug." And it is! More detail than I've seen on a lighthouse. The lighthouse was originally at the end of a 2000' breakwater, but the area has been filled in and is now a park.

From the lighthouse we had views of an oil tanker -

And a lobster fisherman.

From there we went a short distance to Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. If I thought the breakwater walk to Rockland Breakwater Light was bad, this one was much worse.

Thank God for zoom lenses!

Right next door is Fort Preble, built in 1808 right before the war of 1812.

I loved the rusty cannon ports.

But the queen of the local lighthouses is Portland Head Light. Built in 1791, it is a photographer's paradise.

There are just no bad pictures!


  1. Portland Head light is reputed to be the most photographed lighthouse in the world. After sailing past it a few times, I have to agree with its beauty, no wonder there are so many pictures of it. :c)

  2. Haven't been to Portland but now I want to go!

  3. That Bug Lighthouse is very fancy! Love that first picture especially.


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