Saturday, September 19, 2015

First Stop in Massachusetts

While waiting for the rest of our group to get back from Canada, we made a short stop at Newburyport, MA. Just outside of town is a huge sunflower patch that is very popular.

It's impossible to get a bad shot.

There are small trails where you can get up close and personal with the sunflowers.

Hey - look at me! I'm the tallest one here!

There are lots of happy bees here too.

We also went out to Plum Island and the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

There's a very nice boardwalk there to explore the marsh.

Unfortunately, most of the birds had already left to go south, but I did find a few stragglers.

We stopped by the beach, where people were building their own shelters out of driftwood.

In Salisbury, there's a Great White Shark caught in 1957 weighing over 4000 pounds. I'm not sure how he still looks so good.


  1. Where in the world did you stay in this busy part of Massachusetts. Love those sunflowers. An entire field really looks glorious!

  2. Nice shot of you both showing off your sunny smiles in that sunflower patch! :c)

  3. I see a black bellied Plover in your bird!! Wonder if that driftwood shanty town will last the winter? HA!


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