Thursday, April 23, 2015

Moving On to Moab

Moving on to one of my favorite places, Moab, UT, I scored a great campsite in loop A of Sand Flats Recreation Area. I got there on a Wednesday, and there were plenty of empty spaces, but by Friday all 124 spaces in the campground were full.

Sand Flats is mostly for jeeping and bicycling, and I had fun watching the jeeps up on the huge sandstone rock by my campsite.

It was also popular to climb the rocks in the evening to watch the sunset.

The next day I ran around nearby Arches National Park visiting some of the iconic scenes. I'd seen all of them many times before, but I never tire of them. This is Park Avenue -

And nearby are the Three Gossips.

Double Arch is one of my favorites.

The view looking up.

In the same area are the Windows. This is North Window.

It's amazing how huge it is.

And here's Balanced Rock.

The next day it got really cold - too cold to do any outdoor activities. I could even see snow from my rig!

Fortunately, there was a slide show and lecture by famous photographer, David Muench. I was really excited to meet him - I've been admiring his photos for decades. The show was all about photos he has taken in the National Parks.

I bought his National Parks book to send to my father. Since my father is a photographer, I was hoping he would like the book, and he did.

I even got it autographed for him!


  1. I grew up enjoying his photos in Arizona Highways. I drooled over them and still have those old copies.

  2. What a great idea. I'm sure he loved it.

  3. Not familiar with his work, I'll have to look into it!


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