Saturday, April 4, 2015

Final Stop on the Tour

After our visit to Eagle Point in West Grand Canyon, we hopped on a bus again and were taken a short distance to Guano Point. Lunch at the Guano Cafe was included in the tour. Since "guano" means "bat doo-doo," we were a little nervous, but it was excellent.

The ravens thought so too, and waited around for us to finish. Of course we didn't feed them, but the trash cans were wide open, so I don't think they were starving.

After lunch, we had some time to walk out on the point. There were 2 hills you could climb, this is the view from the first one.

And the view of the second hill way out on the point. Of course I had to climb it.

Here's a short video of the view from the top - all 360 degrees. I think I was the only American up there, as you can probably tell from the audio.

Why is it called Guano Point? There is a cave across the river rich in bat droppings, which were used for fertilizer. It was mined and carried across the canyon on this tramway in the late 1950's. Unfortunately, in 1960, and Air Force jet hit the tramway and it was never reopened.

This is the cave the guano came from.

Another view across the canyon -

And the view downstream.

I had heard that a car went over the cliff during the filming of a movie a long time ago, and I was determined to find it. And I did!

We then reboarded the bus for the short trip back to the airport and the flight back to Sedona. This is the view of Guano Point from the air.

Our last view of the river.

We got a view of Humphreys Peak near Flagstaff, the highest point in Arizona.

And just before we landed, we got a nice view of Cathedral Rock in Sedona.

Although it was an expensive day, it was definitely worth it. It would have been cheaper to fly from Las Vegas, or even to drive out, but this was definitely more convenient.


  1. Oh that cave probably has all sorts of things in it...a beautiful spot!!

  2. Sometimes, money is worth the time it saves you to do something amazing, and you certainly had an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing it with us. :c)

  3. A really filled and marvelous day.

  4. Thank you for sharing your awe-mazing tour. I've been gone awhile & am getting caught up. You never fail to disappoint. Lovely!

  5. I was beginning to think that your trip was a bit costly, and I was correct. Yet, every time I have spent money for something "once in a lifetime," I have never regretted it or suffered because of the expenditure. Good job finding the car wreck! You are the "rusty things" fan, after all!


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