Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another Page in Page

Page, Arizona is one of the newest towns in the country - it was founded in 1957 when the Glen Canyon dam was built here on the Colorado River.

The view of the river below the dam.

I went on a little hike above the dam.

Someone spent a lot of time marking the trail, and it was a good thing. It would be hard to follow over the red rock.

The trail ended at the Hanging Garden.

And then I went on the short hike to the Horseshoe Canyon overlook, downstream from the dam. It's one of my favorites, but I got here a little too early - the sun wasn't all the way down in the canyon yet.

I had a great spot at Lone Rock.

It's amazing how low the water in Lake Powell is. This is the water level now -

And this was the level when I was there in 2008. Of course at one time the water was up to the top of the white area.

No wonder the GPS thought I was underwater!


  1. I love your blog. Am so happy to be catching up again. Great pics! Love the '08 comparison & foiled GPS.

  2. These pictures certainly bring home how severe the drought situation is. Your last picture is a telling reminder too.

  3. Love Page, its a sweet little bit of suburban in the middle of no where...I am very concerned about the drought in the west, and it amazes me that more is NOT being done! Where are the desalination facilities along the entire coast line, where is the "brown" water collection/education use in every home, they stand with hands out saying we need rain? Sorry got a little rant going, but dang more should be done about using more brain less water--swimming pools in back yards, grass, heck I can't grow grass in this environment here in SC!

  4. Don't do Page or Glen Canyon. Free the river! Cactus Ed devotee.

  5. The loss of water is amazing in a very sad way. Love your camping spot.

  6. The town of Page has never excited me but I do love the view from Horseshoe Bend. Otherwise, I'm with Sherry, Free the River!


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