Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hiking Around Sedona

While visiting the Sedona area, I parked out of town off FR 525. It was a great spot!

In addition to seeing some wildlife -

There was a daily procession of hot air balloons.

The town of Sedona is very artsy, but a little too many people for my taste.

While there, I went on a lot of hikes. One of my favorites is the Teacup Trail. It's not very long, but has lots of great views. This is the view from the trailhead.

A very popular trail is the West Fork trail, which goes up the West Fork of Oak Creek. It involved lots of creek crossings.

And the red rock is very unique when wet.

But my favorite part of the hike is the remains of the Mayhew Lodge, which operated from 1926 to 1968.

Almost as good as rusty stuff!

The Cibola Pass trail is another of my favorites.

And I also love the Soldier Pass trail, which goes out to the Seven Pools.

A horned lizard, saying, "The End" for now.


  1. Funny, even knowing how much awesome hiking is around Sedona and how relatively close I live I've only visited the red rock country once. And you can have the overcrowded town. One of these years I'll get over that way.

  2. Hi Dianna, are you camping out on your own without the WINS? I'm still workamping for a few more years so can't get out west to travel with any groups yet.

  3. It was over ten years ago that my wife and I visited Sedona so we decided to take another trip there this year. We just left the area but spent a day wandering around the area. We could not remember the Sedona we saw years ago. Tourism has been good to the area but I think they have gone too far with the building. Way too much traffic.

  4. Great place to enjoy spring, I've never visited Sedona, but I think its a beautiful area.

  5. Nice hike to hang out with horned lizards. I hear they don't talk much... ;c)

  6. I agree - way too many people in town. But it is still some of the most beautiful country in the USA. Your lizard friend was cool.

  7. It's amazing how the Sedona area has changed. I liked it better 20 years ago.

  8. Looks great, sure makes me want to head that way:)

  9. I've always wanted to visit and appreciate the where to camp spot. So sorry to have missed the fewer people and less traffic version though.


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