Saturday, September 6, 2014

Long Beach Kite Festival

Once again, I'm way behind on the blog. Too busy having fun, I guess...

From Ocean Shores, the WINs went south to Long Beach to the annual International Kite Festival.

There are all kinds of kites there, including these gigantic ones that require quite a weight to keep them from taking off.

There is a team competition - here's a short video of one of the competitors.

These long strings of kites reminded me of -

Ten years ago, when I got to fly about 50 kites at once here.

This guy, and his little helper, were making giant bubbles. Glycerin is added to the mix to make it work. Depending on the way the rope is made, you can do lots of smaller bubbles -

Or one gigantic one.

At night they had indoor kite flying. This is Connor Doran, who has quite a story. He has epilepsy, and is very involved in educating the public about it. He was also on America's Got Talent, and made it to the finals. You can see one of his performances on the show here.

One day, Phil and I drove up to Oysterville. The rich oyster beds of Willapa Bay make this the place to come for oysters.

The town was begun in the mid 1800s, so there's lots of old buildings around. This was my favorite, of course.

Just look at the size of those shells!


  1. Having too much fun is a perfectly allowable excuse for falling behind on your blog.

    Or you could have said you got carried away by one of those kites... :c)

  2. Lovely bright colors on those kites!! I cant imagine having the free time to go watch kites I'm adding that to the B-list right now!!


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