Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I See the Pacific Ocean!

After flying back to Seattle, I left our heavenly spot in Gig Harbor and headed over to the WIN gathering at the Quinault Casino in Ocean Shores, WA. We parked right along the beach. It's too bad the weather wasn't good most days, but we still had a great spot. This is the view looking towards the ocean on a good weather day.

Looking out my back bathroom window, I can see the water! And almost for free! (It's free to stay here during the week, and just $5 a night on Friday and Saturday nights.)

You can drive on the beach here, but weekends can be pretty crowded.

It might be better to go on horseback.

Gulls are everywhere -

Picking up the remains from what the tide brings in.

A couple years ago there was a big tsunami in Japan and tsunami debris has been floating in here off and on ever since.

On the way to our next spot, we stopped in the neat town of Raymond.

Lots of rusty stuff here, including these street cleaners.


  1. Nice looking rusty stuff!! I didn't see the Pacific--- YET---this looks like a good vantage spot!

  2. If those street cleaners would just work faster, they wouldn't get so rusty! ;c)

  3. I think I would rather do the horseback on the beach experience:)

  4. Those street cleaners are fun to look at but I hope they have helpers that can move around a bit more.

  5. We really enjoy the Moclips/Pacific Beach area north of Ocean Shores. The beaches are so nice in that area. Great sculptures!

  6. Ocean Shores was our first experience ever driving on a beach ... can't believe that was 34 years ago ... wow!


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