Sunday, September 21, 2014

Choo Choooooo

A short drive from Tillamook is the cute little coast town of Garibaldi.

They had a great way of recycling old telephone booths.

Do you have any shoes you don't want? In this climate, flowers grow everywhere!

But the real reason we're here is to take a train ride up to Rockaway Beach and back.

Does everything look okay?

I guess so, because they let us board. We had our choice of an enclosed car, covered car, or open car.

And away we go!

The conductor came by to punch our tickets.

It's not a very long trip, and the train goes pretty slow, so you could wander around through the different cars.

Most of the time we were along the water -

And had very pretty views. The few people we passed enjoyed their view too.

That's the beach and Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Coming in for a landing...

When we got to Rockaway Beach, we got to talk to the crew. So what do you think this steam engine runs on? Not coal, but recycled motor oil!

Do you think they'll let me drive back?


  1. That looks like great fun!! I think the cellphone booth is good anyone who is talking loudly while using one should be sent there~

  2. We enjoyed riding that train with our granddaughters a couple of years ago, lots of fun.

    I'm sure you could have driven the train, no worries about getting lost... :c)

  3. What fun! A train ride along the beach--doesn't get much better than that!

  4. DW and I have been volunteer train hosts on the Sam Shortline Excursion Train in Cordele Georgia.6 mos. down, 1 more mos. to go.
    The Garibaldi train looks like fun. We have 3 ticket prices and travel approx. 40 miles to Plains. Ga.
    Very informative blog. Thank You
    Tom & Cathy
    Georgia Vets State Park

  5. What a great little town you have found and a train that runs on used motor oil. I love it! I think Sondra's idea for rude cell phone users is a great one. Lock them in the phone booth. Thanks for the info on Delicate and Landscape. It would make much more sense for those names to be reversed. Who made that mistake?


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