Friday, September 19, 2014

Three Capes Scenic Loop

On one of our days in Tillamook, we took the 40-mile Three Capes Scenic Loop. We made many stops, but one of my favorite was Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda.

There's a big sand dune that you can climb. I passed, but you might be able to see the tiny dots that are the crazy people who chose to make the trek.

Or you can rock climb up. I couldn't believe that little girl - even after she fell, she got right up and tried again.

But the most exciting thing here is watching the dory boats come in for a landing. They come in as fast as they can go, and slide right up on the beach, where they are loaded on their trailers.

Another stop was Cape Lookout State Park, where we walked the Cape Trail out a little ways to try to get an ocean view.

But when we got to the lookout, the fog had rolled in and this is all we saw...

It was a nice trail though, with some very interesting trees along the way.

Then on to Cape Meares Lighthouse.

We got in on one of the last tours of the day.

From the lighthouse we could look back and see Three Arch Rocks, although only 2 of the arches are visible from this angle.

Many years ago, I saw a picture of a red building in Tillamook and have been looking for it ever since. On our way back into town, I finally found it! So I went back early the next morning to take some pictures.

I should have crawled down into the bushes to get more reflection, but I was afraid I'd sink...

And then I got distracted by some huge spiders - almost better than the red building!


  1. Im glad you found the red building those shots are great!! Tillamook looks like a beautiful spot to visit!! The spider & web shot also gorgeous!

  2. That photo with the red building could be a professional poster, or postcard. I love it. I'd like to walk that trail with all the weird trees. I could sense how cool and relaxing it was. :)

  3. Hope you are planning to stop at Cape Blanco Lighthouse....three sets of bloggers I follow are all there working right now,,,

  4. Dave, I agree - I would have loved to have met them. Unfortunately, our next get-together is inland, so I'll miss Cape Blanco.

  5. Your 'red building' photo is gorgeous--so cool that you found it! I grew up in Lincon City but love Pacific City! The dories are so fun to watch as they scoot up the beach!


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