Sunday, September 28, 2014

To Eugene and Junction City

After Newport, Phil and I headed inland and stopped for a couple days in Eugene. You can stay 2 nights at the Valley River Mall, where you can cross a bridge and go on a great walk along the river.

Eugene is a wonderful town, and there are a lot of community gardens along the trail.

The waterfowl are very friendly.

And a little farther is the Rose Garden. I wanted to go to the Saturday Market, but we weren't there at the right time.

But the main reason for going inland was the big singles RV rally at Guaranty RV in Junction City.

Fellow WINs Ernie and Wanda set this up, and we all had an amazing time. Lots of tours, free seminars, and even some free meals. Three of us even bought new rigs! No, not me...

Our first tour was at the Hull-Oakes Lumber Company in Monroe, the nation's last commercial steam-powered lumber mill. We saw how these Douglas fir trees went from this -

To this!

This gizmo sharpened the huge blades that cut the logs.

A 12-second video of a gigantic log being cut.

It was a great tour, and I even found some rusty stuff!


  1. last time we stayed at the mall you could stay three days, sorry to here they have cut it back to two...

  2. Another fun rally. Looks like a lot of folks showed up. Always a good day when you find rusty stuff.

  3. Oh I wish I had a sawmill, Ive got 100 ft pines all over the place. I love that rose garden in your photo!!


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