Saturday, September 13, 2014

Making My Way Down the Oregon Coast

Driving down Highway 101, you happen upon many beautiful beaches. Cannon Beach is one.

It's amazing to me how few people are on the beach! Imagine what something this gorgeous would look like on the East Coast.

The Seaside Aquarium in Seaside, Oregon is small, but has some great stuff - lots of sea plants and animals native to the Oregon Coast.

Some of them are pretty strange...

The Giant Pacific Octopus was showing off all his suction cups.

But the coolest thing was getting to feed the seals. There was a big sign explaining that even though they are well fed, they each develop ways of begging.

The best one was the one that kept slapping his side repeatedly. Doesn't he get black and blue? Oh - maybe that's his natural coloring.

Our next gathering spot was in Tillamook, at the Air Museum RV Park. First stop was the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where you can watch how they make cheese, and get free samples! It takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese, and they get 1.7 million pounds of milk a day. That's a lot of cheese!

There's also a new cheese factory in town - the Blue Heron French Cheese Company. They also had free samples, plus free wine tastings. But as much as I like wine, I was too busy checking out the rusty stuff in their yard.

And making some new friends.

We also did a short hike to Munson Creek Falls, just south of town. Unfortunately, the trail is grown over, and even though I went past the "Trail Closed" sign quite a ways, I still couldn't get a clear shot.

There was much more to see in the area, but that will have to be for another post. Good night for now!


  1. ha enjoyed the belly slapping seal..
    and another great waterfall!

  2. funny we were probably in the same places and the same time and didn't even know it...

  3. Rusty stuff or wine. Sorry you had to struggle with such a difficult choice! :c)

    Love those Tillamook chees curds. I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms now, it's been almost two years since my supply ran out!

  4. Somehow I just knew you would choose rusty stuff over wine. Stay true to yourself. lol Loved the slapping seal. Sooo cute.

  5. Rusty cheese! Think you many cows it takes to make all that milk! Drive down any road in Tillamook County & you're bound to see cows...lots of them! I love the Oregon Coast. We were so fortunate that Governor Tom McCall made every inch of beach in Oregon from the high water mark down to the water public land! I hope the West Coast never becomes the East Coast. Seriously.

  6. Sheesh--think HOW many cows. It's too early to be typing, obviously!


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