Friday, June 13, 2014

I Love Weed!

California, that is... The town of Weed is located in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, another volcano, which last erupted about 250 years ago.

In a town named Weed, you can imagine what they sell... No, not that!!! Lots and lots of t-shirts! The best selection is at the Weed Store.

It's really hard to make a decision, there are so many choices.

We're staying outside of town at the free camping area at "Lake" Shastina. The water is supposed to be right up to where we are parked.

There is a little water way off in the distance. It's really sad to see all these dry lakes.

One day we drove down to Mount Shasta to climb the mountain. Yeah, right... We went all the way up to 7000 feet. But don't be too impressed - we started at 6950 feet.

We also visited the Mount Shasta fish hatchery.

They grow several different varieties of trout here to release into their lakes. Sure hope they get some rain soon.

In the town of Mount Shasta is Mount Shasta Big Springs, which is the headwaters of the Sacramento River. The water just bubbles up and seems to come out of the rocks.

They also had a nice garden there, carefully labeled.

In the town of Weed is a huge lumber operation. It's amazing to see how quickly they can throw these gigantic logs around.

As we were standing there watching, a guy came out and gave us a quick tour. How cool!

Yup, that's how I felt!


  1. Too funny. I wonder how the town of Weed got it's name?

  2. Now that would be a fun town to visit. And they label the flowers just like I would. So which shirt did you get?

  3. Great photo of the mountain Diana!!
    In every garden a little weed will grow~

  4. Wow, when we were there, the lake was right up to where we were parked and that trail was closed due to snow!

  5. We really enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it quite often.... Thank you for blogging

  6. I laughed right away when I saw the post title, knew it probably had to be a town name though. What a gem you found,and suppose they labeled the plants "flowers" so no one would mistake them for weeds!

  7. The town of Weed gets its name from the founder of the local lumber mill and pioneer Abner Weed, who discovered that the area's strong winds were helpful in drying lumber.


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