Friday, June 20, 2014

Crater Lake

From Klamath Falls we moved north to a casina at Chiloquin. From there we did a day trip to Crater Lake. There is still lots of snow here, but there was a path over to the rim.

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US - almost 2000 feet deep! It was formed when Mt Mazama blew its top 7700 years ago. It then filled with water. Wizard Island erupted after the lake began to fill.

Looking beyond Wizard Island, you can see Devil's Backbone.

Floating in the water was some really pretty something - pollen? moss? I never got the answer.

Although a road goes around the crater, only the west side is open now. They're still working on clearing the snow on the east side.

As we drove around the west side, the road rises and the snow becomes deeper.

The lake holds 4.9 trillion gallons of the most pristine water.

As we got higher, it was possible to see the crater on the top of Wizard Island.

After lunch along the rim, we headed back.


  1. There was too much snow to do the whole drive when we were there, too. It's an amazing site. Though I didn't see it, I was fascinated with the "Old Man of the Lake". It's a tree stump that has floated perpendicular since the 1800s.

  2. You got to see a whole lot more than we did. There was so much snow we could barely climb to the top to look over the edge down to the lake. I want to go back in the early Fall sometime and actually get to see the area.

  3. That's really interesting, great photos of the area. Beautiful!

  4. Wow thats enough fresh water to sustain us all for many years...hope they will share!
    Amazing amount of snowfall they had eh? Gorgeous shots of the area!

  5. Crater Lake is at the top of our bucket list. Guess August might be the best time to go there. :c)

  6. You really captured the beautiful water. We heard it was pollen.


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