Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Made It to Oregon!

But first, on the way out of Weed, we stopped at the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden north of town. It's a sad memorial dedicated to veterans of all conflicts.

This one was beautiful - entitled "Coming Home."

I'm not sure how the flute player and dancers relate, but I joined in.

Before I left, I noticed one of the statues was trying to hitchhike out of there.

My first stop in Oregon was Klamath Falls. We took a little hike along the river to see the falls.

There they are! They might have been better before they built the dam.

The trail was pretty scenic.

A leaky wooden pipe ran from the dam down to an old generator. It looked like a flower garden.

And there was lots of wildlife along the way. A turtle sunning himself -

Cormorants posing nicely -

A Great Egret -

And oops - watch where I'm walking! THE END!


  1. I like the turtle. Fascinating creatures. And the yard art!

  2. Love the sculpture garden, especially your pose and the hitchhiker.

  3. It looks like you are having a wonderful trip. My memory of Weed California is a trip we made from Washington to California at Christmas one year. When we reached Weed the roads were closed because of heavy snow. We spent the night sleeping in a church with about 300 other stranded people :)
    I'll never forget it.

  4. Happy to have found your blog again. Lost you when I had to change computers.

    Love the pictures looks like a wonderful place.

  5. Some of my favorite water birds. Surprisingly, I haven't yet seen a turtle while RVing. That guy was a beauty. Beautiful place. :)

  6. I really enjoyed the sculpture garden, and the rapids..and all the critters!!That pipe looks like it will soon become a rapid of its own..happy travels

  7. Welcome to the wet state. There are some beautiful places up here. I'm still hanging around, but will be turning north soon.

  8. Love the statues....amazing that one them wanted to leave...:-)


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