Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Thought I Loved Weed, but I Love Bend Even More!

Bend, Oregon has been one of my favorite towns for many years. Th WINs are here for 10 days, and there is plenty to do. The town is full of breweries, and we hit Deschutes Brewery first - free samples!

For those of you that read Jim and Gayle's blog, you may recognize their friend Debbie on the right. She's a brand new WIN, and we love having her.

Bicycling is also big here, and you can mix beer and bicycling by cruising downtown Bend on the Cycle Pub.

But to me the best part of Bend is the many lakes west of town. My very favorite is Sparks Lake, complete with lava, islands, flowers, and a volcano, South Sister, in the background. And you can kayak here!

Flowers seem to just grow out of the lava rocks!

Another one of our new members is Kim, of Kimbopolo fame. She has a great blog that I've been reading for a while, and I'm really enjoying getting to know her.

While we were at Sparks Lake, a truck pulled up to dump 650 Cutthroat Trout in the Lake.

Too bad I don't fish, this would have been a real opportunity.

From there we went to Hosmer Lake, another beauty with Mt. Bachelor in the background.

Another 650 trout were let go here right before we arrived, and they were still jumping for joy.

We stopped for lunch at another lake - by this time I lost track of the names...

The next day we went for a 4-wheel drive on the back roads near where we are camped.

Uh-oh... Think Phil needs to find a car wash...


  1. I think I'd really enjoy that kind of bike ride!! Did they put 650 fish in one net full at a time? What a job that would be...I love fish I don't fish I just love seeing them in the water...and how on Earth did you catch that one in the air--good shot!!

  2. From you post title, I was starting to worry that you were spending time in Colorado... ;c)

  3. You're really bringing in the new members. I hope they don't have to release those 650 fish one net at a time.

  4. Yes, they did it one net at a time, and they had to keep count as they did it.

  5. Sounds like the WINS are keeping Debbie busy. You have a good organization there.

    We love Bend, too!


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