Thursday, June 5, 2014

Walker Lake

Moving north, we stopped briefly at Walker Lake, outside of Hawthorne, NV. Thanks to Nina and Paul, of Wheeling It, we knew exactly where to park.

Talk about being in the middle of nowhere! The lake is very low now. It used to be above where our rigs are parked.

We went for a nice walk along the water -

Where the only bad thing was tons of no-seeums.

Of course Phil had to investigate a couple of the canyons.

In town is the Hawthorne Ordinance Museum.

The town used to be a munitions depot, and there are tons of ammo on display.

Okay, well I have to admit I didn't understand any of the ammo stuff, but I did find a new friend who was awfully cute...


  1. We've stayed at Walker Lake but last week we decided to pull into a park with hookups for the air. No see-ums when we were there so I'm glad we didn't stay this time. I didn't understand most of the museum either but Jim had a good time.

  2. Cheers so much for the reference, but bummer about those no see-ums. We didn't experience those in April when we were there.
    Nina (posting on Paul's acct) wheelingit

  3. A couple of RV friends have recommended Walker Lake when going between Las Vegas and Reno. I could see myself there. Thanks for the report.

  4. you are prepared for anything, the bug net is a must have!!

  5. Hard to beleive the Navy had a base in the middle of the desert.

    Did your new friend agree to come along on your hike around the lake? He surely wouldn't get too wet... ;c)

  6. Loved your fashion statement!! We haven't stayed at Walker Lake but did drive through the area last year. The history there in Hawthorne is very interesting.

  7. The Navy used Walker lake for torpedo testing at one time, I think no longer. The Army continues to store munitions there.


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