Sunday, May 6, 2012

What a Perfect Parking Place!

The WINs are parked at Lone Rock, outside of Page, AZ, just over the state line into Utah. Can you believe I've left Arizona???

It's a real birder's paradise, with lots of shore birds. I'm not much of a birder, but I'll do my best. I think these are Marbled Godwits.

And this is some kind of gull - Franklin's maybe? The clue is the spots on the tail.

And I'm pretty sure these are American Avocets. Notice how their bills curve up.

One day we took a trip down to Lee's Ferry. On the way we found some balanced rocks. Thousands of years ago, boulders rolled down the hill, then 6 feet of slope gradually eroded away.

Lee's Ferry is the starting point for those rafting the Grand Canyon. Once you leave here, there's no turning back.

Some groups need an 18-wheeler to bring all their stuff.

But Lee's Ferry is the site of an old ferry that ran from 1871 until a bridge was built in 1929. This fort was built in 1874.

The Charles H. Spencer paddlewheel steamboat was built in 1912 -

But was abandoned in 1914 and the remains can still be seen here.

There's some rusty stuff nearby too - this was a boiler powered steam engine used in gold mining operations.

And some nice rusty cans!


  1. I would love that as my back yard. One day!! The birds are beautiful!! Such nice pictures. Enjoy your stay there.

  2. You're not in AZ any more!! Must be nice to get back out on the open road.

    Hope to see you again in a few weeks!

  3. It almost looks like you have the beach to yourself. Very unusual. I love camping at Lone Rock. So much to see an do in the area. Check out the Toadstools trail a bit west of SR89.

  4. Cool looking birds! Thanks for sharing..What a beautiful site....

  5. I'm in shock. You actually got into a different state. That's incredible. lol I love those birds with the curled up beaks.

  6. Awesome pictures of your travels. It's nice to see folks enjoying the simple things. Happy trails friend.

  7. What a fantastic playground, so many things to see and do. Its interesting to see the similarities between US birds and UK ones.

  8. Impressive bird pictures, almost as impressive as the rusty stuff photos! ;c)

    Did you leave AZ of your own free will or were you dragged kicking and screaming...

  9. Looks like you've found a great place in Utah!

  10. Beautiful shot of the fort...I could spend an hour crouched down in the dirt shooting there!

  11. So I finally caught up on your blog. Gorgeous pictures, as always, and interesting stuff. I have to get to the Biosphere 2 sometime. It really looks cool.

  12. I think you know your birds pretty well. Have you read the book, 'The Big Year?' It's a really good book about birding. There's a movie too.


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