Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Hollywood

After our gathering at Page, we moved on to Mt. Carmel Junction in Utah. Bill had made arrangements for us to stay in a very nice gravel pit for both our Kanab and Zion gatherings. We didn't know there would be over 100 horses here too, but we had a fun time watching them. They were part of a long distance equestrian club, and travel 50 miles each day.

Kanab is called "Little Hollywood" because of the many western movies and TV shows that were filmed there. We got a free tour of the Little Hollywood Movie Museum.

And then had a great chuckwagon lunch.


I met some new friends -

And then we participated in a short skit. I didn't really get the gist of it -

But I was one of the Indians.

I thought the bad guy was really hot. At least until he went after the saloon girls!

More photo ops---

Never be content with the most obvious shot.

Back at Mt. Carmel Junction, we stopped in for desert to get some Ho-Made Pies.

Across the street is a poor sheriff. She's been there for days. Maybe I should take her some pie.

I sure hope she's all right.


  1. Nice to see the Sheriff's Department is an equal opportunity dummy user.

    When is your movie coming out? Surely it wil be a big hit. And to think I knew you before you became a big Hollywood star... ;c)

  2. Your new friends seem pretty reserved.

  3. The chuckwagon feast looks delicious! I bet the pie was too.

  4. Hmmm. Why is Phil always the bad guy?


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