Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is This Another Planet?

While at Lone Rock, several of us went on a 4-wheel drive trip out to Alstrom Point, about 20 miles east of us, and also in Glen Canyon NRA. The ride out looked like we were driving on another planet.

On the way, we went by a cowboy camp, but no cowboys - rats!

Out on the point, you can see all the way back to Wahweap Marina. But I wanted the good view of Gunsight Butte, that you get from the other side, up a scary road.

Wow - I think this is it!

Can you see the Gunsight?

Below us, someone has the best campsite ever.

Back in Page, I took a couple pictures from the canyon rim, showing where we went rafting the other day. This is where we started at the dam -

And here's a view downstream.

One more photo of Lone Rock. The yucca are really blooming now.

And one more photo of a shore bird - the Black-necked Stilt.

On to Zion National Park next!


  1. YOU found some great things to share off the beaten path around Page...awesome...TOO bad you missed the cowboys, (psss, I would hope for Indians :o)))
    awesome stilts...look forward to Zion!

  2. Wow, wow what a fantastic area and super pictures! Thanks for sharing that. This is the real south-west as we love it.

  3. Great photos - I'm looking forward to your visit to Zion.:)

  4. I see the beautiful scenery hasn't changed since I was last there. :)

  5. What spectacular scenery! Loved the lone tenter campsite along the river. WOW!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Great pictures. We also just left Page after a tour through Upper Antelope Canyon. Like you, we are in the Zion area. Lots to do here.

  7. Thanks! You just reminded me how much I like the Glen Canyon area and how I need to go back there. :C)


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