Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Post on Zion, I Promise

Zion is one of my very favorite national parks, and I did a lot here. One more hike we did was the Kayenta trail from the Grotto to the Emerald Pools.

It's a little different way to get to the pools, and there are great views from the trail.

The trail goes to the Middle pool, which most people don't see.

We then walked down to the Lower pool, where the water from the Middle pool comes cascading down.

From here we went back to the shuttle bus on the Emerald Pools trail.

And then drove back to our home on the east side of the park. We drove right by a privately-owned buffalo herd, which are sometimes by the road. Come on now - do you really want your kids hand-feeding buffalo?

Grafton ghost town is near the town of Rockville, just outside the south entrance of the park. It was started by Mormon settlers in 1862. This combination church/schoolhouse has been somewhat restored, but still interesting.

I thought the graveyard was the most interesting. Diseases and accidents killed many.

Several were killed by Indians.

The day was saved by the many items of rusty stuff around, although I'm sure they didn't come from the 1800s. The last residents left Grafton in 1944.


  1. I visited Zion last year and loved it. I won't make it back this year, maybe in 2013. You really did a lot, glad you had such a good time! :)

  2. Too bad this is the final Zion post for a while. I enjoyed them and learned of new places to see. Thanks.

  3. Def one of my favorites of the parks Ive visited....WE hiked that same trail! We saw all 3 of the pools and took a nice foot soak in the upper pool...OMG that water was cold!!
    A fellow I follow on FLickr loves to do night photos outta that old school house in Grafton, with beautiful long exposures and star trails. Sure did enjoy seeing your photos!!!! I agree a buffalo can come right thru that fence if he has a mind to!!

  4. Why the last post? We're not tired of what you have to share from this great park. OK, maybe the kid doesn't have any common sense, but the parents???? What were they thinking allowing her to hand feed this giant beast. I don't get it, honestly.

  5. Those headstones sure look to be in great shape, must be the dry environment! Zion is on my list, can't wait to get there!

  6. We were in Zion from May 20th through the 23rd. Stayed in the Cable Mountain Lodge in Springdale.
    Amazing place, wish we could have stayed a whole week but we had other things planned.
    Loved your posts, we did Angels Landing and Observation Point, great workout!
    Too bad I didn't see your post about Emerald Pools because we did the lower and upper but were told the middle was closed.


  7. Hey, you can never have too many Zion posts.


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