Saturday, May 26, 2012

East Side of Zion

During our visit to Zion National Park, we were parked outside of the East entrance. So we saw a lot of the East side of the park. I think it is even prettier than the valley.

The roads throughout the park are all this red color.

I just couldn't stop taking pictures out the car window.

Even this Mommy Bighorn Sheep was taken out the window.

There's her baby!

I actually stopped and got out to take a shot of this cute little tree.

We went on several hikes on this side of the park. This is trailhead for the East Rim trail that starts right by the east park entrance. If you keep going for 6 miles you connect to where we started the downhill hike I wrote about in the last post.

I walked about 1 1/2 miles of it and the rocks were gorgeous.

What a great view!

Another short hike on the east side is the Canyon Overlook trail, where you see the valley and the tall cliffs on the other side.

We went up several washes looking for Two Pines Arch. I had gotten directions off the internet here, but neither the directions or the coordinates worked for me. But I had fun looking!


  1. I had never considered the East side trails. Next time I will!


  2. We spent most of our time on the west side cause that's where we camped. And, of course, no hiking. Did you drive Kolob Canyon?

  3. Great pics as usual. I just looked up the weather for Zion NP. According to, it's 53 degrees and 16% humidity. Sounds heavenly!

  4. I enjoyed the drive we did along the east side too,,,I thought the rock formations were awesome and the checkerboard rocks too...
    good looking sheep, baby and buns up there...
    The canyon drive was also awesome we had a nice hike and picnic on that side--the day before we did the bus ride to the narrows.

  5. I love your pictures and the baby goat is so cute. We will try the east side next year

  6. Once again, your blog timing is perfect for us! We are exploring the east side of Zion today, and Roger printed out your directions in case we try to find the arch. Next week we plan to take on Angel's Landing (skipping the last part for me) and possibly Observation point. Each trail is so different and unique that we're glad we are spending a month here.

  7. Great shot of the goat...especially from the car.

  8. We plan on spending at least a month when we finally get there too, there are just so many gorgeous things to see! I'm sure my legs will be nothing but jelly by the time we leave from all the hiking.


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