Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angels Landing

Zion National Park in Utah is one of my very favorite places, and the hike to the top of Angels Landing is the most popular hike. It starts out with a nice stroll along the river, with a view of Angels Landing in front of you.

But soon the trail starts climbing -

And climbing, up a series of switchbacks.

And then you enter Refrigerator Canyon, refreshingly cool, but still climbing.

At the end of Refrigerator Canyon is a series of 21 short and steep switchbacks known as Walter's Wiggles. This trail was built by the CCC in the 1930s and Walter came up with this idea. I would have preferred an elevator...

But finally you reach Scout Lookout, where you have a choice.

You can continue up to the top of Angels Landing -

Where chains are provided to help haul yourself up the difficult spots.

Or you can continue on the West Rim trail, a lot easier, and still with gorgeous views. I had done both several times in the past, and decided to do the "easy" version, where I could enjoy the flora -

And fauna.

The West Rim trail allows you to look over at the top of Angels Landing -

And see the crazy people on top!


  1. Beautiful place and well documented with your photos. Definitely on my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Definitely not for the faint of heart - especially the chain part. Great pictures.

  3. It is a long way up with two ways down--the long way back or short and fast with a bad ending. Great photos.

  4. Don't blame you for taking the "easy" way, which still isn't that easy. We went to the top once and as much as we enjoyed it wouldn't want to do it again. Your photos brought back great memories. Thanks.

  5. Gosh is it beautiful out there. We couldn't get into the park as our RV didn't fit through that tunnel one has to drive through.

  6. Stunning scenery and a no pain with out gain walk. Well worth it though.

  7. Great pictures. I started the climb to Angel's Landing with a couple of friends a few years ago, but we didn't make it. Maybe, next time. Zion is one of our favorite places. Friends of ours arriving there Wednesday as part of a Casita caravan.

  8. We are just outside of Zion right now, and planning to walk the Narrows (part of it) today. I have been considering the Angels' Landing hike (probably without Dianne who is afraid of heights), and might do it before we leave. Do you think that my wife, Dianne, would feel safe enough to do the hike without doing the final stretch?

  9. Yes, Roger, there is nothing really scary about the trip to Scout Lookout. At that point Dianne could go up the West Rim trail a ways, while you go to Angels Landing. Then she could wait for you back at Scout Lookout.


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