Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bora Bora

We have 2 days here on Bora Bora, after a day at sea traveling from the Cook Islands back to the Society Islands of French Polynesia, shown here.

Bora Bora is surrounded by a large reef, enclosing the island and a beautiful lagoon. Notice there is only one place that a ship can enter the lagoon.

We are anchored just off Vaitape, and take a tender to the town. These kids were have a great time getting their outrigger canoes into the wake of the tender and getting a free ride.

They were here because there was a festival going on in town. One of the activities was a canoe race.

Aren't these kids just adorable in their native costumes?

Just down the street there was fresh fish for sale. I didn't get a shot of the kids waving palm fronds to keep the flies away.

The hibiscus here are about 4 times bigger than they are in the US.

Think you don't know any French Polynesian words? You do! Tattooing started right here.

I enjoyed the wrapping of the sign posts with palm fronds.

And the simple huts that some of the natives live in. Wait a minute - is that a satellite dish?

I thought these huts over the water were only at a certain hotel, but all the hotels are done like this.

On the map of Bora Bora, you may have noticed that there are cannons at various spots around the island. The US put them here during World War II. Oh goody - rusty stuff!

Thought I'd show you some of the food we're forced to eat on the ship. This is the dessert selection at lunch -

One of the appetizers at dinner -

And some of the many desserts after dinner.

After dinner there is dancing to the music of Siglo, the ship's band. Believe it or not, they have been on the ship for 12 years! They must have started when they were 6 or 7!


  1. Food does seem to be an important part of a cruise. :)

  2. The band was good but not B & K. The food looks wonderful. But that satellite dish just cracked me up.

  3. Only you would find rusty stuff in paradise! ;c)

  4. I LOVE cruises - and food IS a big part of it. Not just that it's so good and varied and plentiful, but it's a work of art. I loved seeing how it's presented, and your photos reminded me of that.

  5. And the ships have to try really hard to force us to eat our food, don't they :-))))

  6. Careful, dessert pictures may replace rusty stuff.

  7. Great stuff, I would like to live in that house over the water:)

  8. I'll take one of each of the desserts!

  9. Must be tough to be forced to eat all that food LOL Loved this post and the Hibiscus is absolutely breath taking thanks so much for sharing :o)

  10. Love the grass huts out on the water thats COOL--enjoy!

  11. The hibiscus is amazing! I could almost taste the food from here...delicious looking! Great photos. Enjoy the ride!

  12. Great pictures and video. I think cruises are the most relaxing and indulgent vacations ever. Hope you are enjoying your to the max.


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