Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 4 - Roratonga

Roratonga is the largest, most mountainous, and most populated of the Cook Islands. The lagoon is much smaller than Aitutaki's, and not the best for snorkeling.

The water is rather rough where the ship anchors, and about half the time the shore excursions are cancelled. But we lucked out, and off to town we went.

We immediately happened to meet Sal, who offered us a 20-mile trip around the island for $10 each. Wow, what a bargain, when the shore excursions through the ship are about $100 each. She was a real character, and we had a great time.

She made 2 stops - one at the viewpoint for Te Rua Manga, the "Needle" -

And one at the beach at Muri Lagoon, one of the few spots where you can snorkle.

The Cook Islanders have their own language, but since they are loosely associated with New Zealand, they also speak English.

After our one-hour tour, we went walking through the town. The Cook Islands and French Polynesia are famous for their Black Pearls.

And of course they have a lot of tropical shirts. Wandrin' Lloyd would be in heaven.

And they have the usual assortment of funny t-shirts. Read this one carefully.

Of course there are beautiful plants all over town, but I think this is the first time I've seen a pointsettia in the wild. (Or one that big!)

They had the usual assortment of chickens and goats, but here there were dogs running wild. I then realized that Aitutaki did not have any dogs. They are banned there. I heard a couple different stories of why that is, both from long ago. Either they were afraid the dogs were spreading leprosy, of the daughter of a king got bitten.

Walking along the waterfront, I got a shot of our ship.

Back on the ship, we were treated to a demonstration of Polynesian dancing, put on by a local dance troup.

Ahhhh... The end of another day in paradise.


  1. Beautiful sunset. What a bargain meeting Sal.
    I am really enjoying your excursion.

  2. looks like you are all having a great time!!..yes, another day in paradise!!

  3. So much fun and beautiful places. What a great time we're all having.

  4. Just don't have so much fun that you mutiny and take over the ship like the Bounty.

    Glad you're having a good time, but we like your good old USA travels, too! ;c)

  5. thanks for sharing your adventures...looks so beautiful.Hope your hand is better.
    missy from the bayou

  6. Love traveling vicariously. Thanks for the tour and pics.

    Wandrin Lloyd (of Hawaiian shirt fame.)

  7. I love your photos but I am so sorry for the "Hand Attack"!

    After six years I accidentally saw Lloyd up at the SKP in Sutherlin OR last Summer. Looking forward to next Island!!!


  8. Wow that is Paradise... GREAT photos especially the sunset!
    Have fun & Travel safe

    ps... come on over to my new blog on Campground reviews and become a follower. Also add us to your favorites so you can get updates to the Park Reviews. It is still under construction but I plan on adding all the RV parks we have visited in the last 7 years of fulltiming...good thing I kept notes! I will still have both blogs to update.

  9. Beautiful water! What a trip!! Hope your hand is feeling better--You look all smiles so all is well! HOPE You got one of those Black Pearls..zazazing--

  10. Another great day in paradise ... did any black pearls find their way back onto the ship :-))))

  11. I like your red hat! Loving the tour. Take care of that hand.

  12. This place is just amazing. Thanks for sharing so many pictures. I will never get there but I can now say I know...second hand...what it looks like. Speaking of hands, hope yours is doing good.

  13. Hope your hand doesn't hurt too much and it's healing nicely. I wonder if Canon thought of this scenario...the color et al. I am sure enjoying your trip. I use to work at a restaurant and the owners had lived in that area. The schrimp/chicken polynesian dishes were my all time favorites.

  14. forgot to say... that big fish entering your picture sure got my attention! It did yours too, unfortunately. Have fun.

  15. Oh my what a picture of that sunset you should enter that into some kind of contest. Loved all the pictures and that Hardly Davidson shirt is too funny LOL Did I miss a post somewhere?? What happened to your hand it looks like it is bandaged?


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