Saturday, June 11, 2011

Farther Up the Hill to Prescott

To a gorgeous spot at the Elks in Prescott Valley.

I'm parked right at the edge of a cliff, with my picture window looking out over the valley.

There's even a park down there, surrounding a small lake.

There's a large flea market next door -

And the weather could not be better!

BUT - you knew there was a BUT coming - right after we got there, the Elks decided there would be no more boondocking. They have sites with hookups, for $17 a night, and I guess they wanted to fill them up. $17 is not bad for one night, but there is no weekly or monthly rate, SO

We found a reasonably priced park in a great location. Some of the neighbors are a little sleazy and loud, but it has its good points.

It is a very short walk to Willow Lake -

And the Granite Dells. These rock formations are in several locations in the Prescott area. The town had to be built around them.

I needed to be settled for a few weeks because Phil and I are flying out of the country in another week. Where are we going? More on that later.

But first, I want to show you why I love Facebook so much! I saw this picture of my great-nephew, Will, on his very first camping trip, entitled "I want what you're having." Without Facebook, I would have missed it!


  1. What a great shot of the little guy. I'm going to be finally getting out on the road here soon and the first place I'm gonna go after visiting my relatives is to Watson Lake across the road from Willow. I think it is Point of Rocks RV Park that I'm scheduled to stay at for a couple of nights. I'm looking forward to the cooler climate up there. Here in Tucson, it's in the triple digits.

  2. I hope all the service clubs don't start charging RVers. That was one of my tasks for next week - see how to join some service clubs for the free parking. Oh, well. I'll have to check it out.

    Curious about where you're going "out of the country."

    Beautiful scenery around Prescott. I like the Granite Dells.

  3. It looks good there and good walking country. Nobody wants noisy neighbours when your camping. Some people have no idea how sound travels when you're outside.

  4. Glad it all worked out. Love that weather forecast.

  5. Cute picture of your nephew... He sure looked determined!!! Willow LAke looks just gorgeous.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. I like your second campground even better than the first one.

  7. As usual, you've found the places of beauty and peace. I too, hope that one day our traveling paths will cross. Mystery trip...hmmm. Looking forward to that tale.

  8. I can't believe they did away with boondocking. That makes no sense to me at all. Your nephew is so cute. Sure wish I was in Prescott. Hope your mystery trip is someplace really really fun.

  9. Hope you had the wheels well chocked when you were on the edge of that cliff, you really do live life on the "edge", don't you? :c)

    Too bad you had some sleezy neighbors, but then you haven't met us in person yet...

    Paul & Marti, R Sanity RV

  10. great beer can shot!!! in the edge is a great thing! know at least your house has wheels and if you really don't like the neighbourhood you can move!!

  11. I have fond memories of an old boyfriend and Prescott. We used to go rock climbing at Granite Mountain, and we climbed Thumb Butte overlooking the town. The Granite Dells are yet another geological oddity formed the same way as Joshua Tree, the Alabama Hills, and Texas Canyon. I think I'll make a list of all the granite plutons I can find--I wonder how many there are? Enjoy your stay in Prescott!

  12. Both areas look like great spots to be in, and those tempts look perfect to me!! WOW what a great flea market--Hmmm wonder where you are headed--out of the country...cant wait to see WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DIANA? ;o)

  13. Diana, thanks for your comment about service club parking. I misunderstood how it works. It would make sense to leave a donation, and they also usually have good bars to leave a little cash, too. :) I have sooo much to learn!

  14. Great parking spot at the cliff, but you have to avoid any sleep walking.

  15. Beautiful baby boy! I hope he didnt get to drink that LOL Love the pictures the rock formations are just breath taking. I just love flea markets. I hope you have a happy weekend :o)

  16. Ciao Tolerico!

    Just had to make a guess!


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