Saturday, July 2, 2011

Underwater Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a beautiful island, and looks different from every angle.

I went on a snorkeling trip TWICE with Christophe. He goes all the way around the island, in the lagoon, and stops at 4 wonderful snorkeling spots.

The first day I went on the tour, I couldn't go in the water because of my hand. But everyone said it was the best snorkeling they had ever done. So the next day I brought Phil along, and a plastic bag and tape to waterproof the hand. (Phil was scuba diving the day before.) Christophe also had a flotation device that I kept my hand on. It worked!

The first stop was the "Coral Garden," with lots of multi-colored coral and fish. Notice the blue clam near the top, and the sea urchins at the bottom.

There were many different fish here.

And beautiful coral to navigate through.

I don't know what these are -

But this is a Saddled Butterflyfish.

And here is a Sixbar Wrasse.

We then moved to a new spot where there were even more fish. Most of these are Sergeant fish.

Two Ornate Butterflyfish.

There was lots of nice coral here too.

There are at least 11 clams in this shot - some blue, some green and some tan. I wish I had taken a movie because they are continually opening and closing their shells.

I tried to do a 360-degree movie here, but it was kind of hard to turn with one hand out of the water and one hand holding the camera...

We then went looking for Spotted Eagle Rays. We didn't find any on the second day, but my new friend Joannie took this picture for me on the first day.

We then moved on again in search of the giant Manta Ray. Lots of fish here too.

Phil took this picture - not sure what he's trying to get a shot of...

Again, we didn't see a Manta Ray on the second day, but did see one on the first day. Joannie took this shot of the giant guy with a 10-foot wing span. It's hard to see because the water was murky and he was pretty far away. The only place to see a Manta Ray in the US is at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

The end of two more perfect days in paradise!


  1. What gorgeous pictures. So glad you were able to snorkel. The water behind you is so blue.

  2. Diana..the fish and coral are fantastic!! What a gorgeous vacation destination!! So glad you were able to get in the water...Enjoy!!!

  3. Great photos. Those fish and clams are so colorful. I enjoyed your video clip.

  4. Great shots. I bet you're pleased you bought the underwater camera. Good idea with the plastic bag and tape.

  5. It really looks beautiful there. Have enjoyed following your trip.

  6. "Wow is an understatement!" The video was awesome! I kept thinking of a big fish coming into the picture! so glad you got to go snokeling more. All the colors are amazing--the beauty overwhelming. Still another example of the unsurpassed beauty of nature.
    You would not believe all the fireworks going on in this area-- all amatuer. Way too much. I could almost go to Tahiti on the money they all have spent. It is the 4th, but good grief. Hey, enjoy and thank you!

  7. Oops.. so distracted I didn't sign off!

  8. Those fish are incredible - great shots. You should have had somebody take a picture of you, snorkling with one hand on a float. :-D


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