Monday, May 30, 2011

Hiking Sedona

You would have to stay here a LONG time to see all of the 78 hiking trails in the Sedona area. And they are all beautiful! The Teacup trail looks like a garden.

The Jordan Trail is one of my favorites.

I like trails that have a view, where you do not hike among tall trees.

The Jordan Trail connects with the Cibola Pass Trail to form a loop.

Another favorite trail of mine is the one to Devil's Bridge -

Where if you're brave, you can walk right out onto the natural bridge.

Parked near my camp site are 2 young couples who are fulltime RVers and fellow bloggers - Yair (who I had met in Apache Junction) and his wife Ayo, of Our Take on Freedom, on either side of me, and Matt, on the right,

and Bree and their 2 dogs, of Operation Tally-Ho. I was just so impressed that these "youngsters" would even think about fulltiming, and have the initiative to do it. Check out their blogs - they're both terrific.


  1. I too prefer hikes with views ... I call them "high-entertainment value hikes." Sedona has plenty of those.

  2. Those are some gorgeous hikes you've been on! :)

  3. I like being able to see for a long ways whether I'm hiking (which doesn't happen often) or just walking. I love wide open spaces - just wish the wind didn't blow quite so much through those spaces.

    Those kids are amazing.

  4. Great pictures. I wonder what the odds are that the natural bridge would chose the moment that any particular person was standing on it to give in and let go?

  5. We love the picture of you guys on the natural bridge! :)

  6. I sure would love to be able to full time it with an RV. Love the pictures I would love to be able to walk through all of that just to look at all the pretty plants and trees, and those mountain things aren't too bad looking either LOL

  7. You scared me walking out on that ledge! You're a brave (or crazy?) lady! ;c)

  8. You have the best blog that I follow, Thanks or the induction to the new blogs.

  9. The composition of that top photo is amazing!! I too love WIDE OPEN spaces, very few and far between here back east--im green with envy over that hiking trail there in Sedona! Great to find young folks who are eager to share and that will even bother to speak to us older chicks--
    Enjoy your hikes!!!

  10. Great hiking and how cool that such young couple can enjoy the fulltiming life... They will have such wonderful adventures. I am going to check out there blogs!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  11. Man o man the topography and historical sites out there are phenomenal! Then the stones whose shadows have meaning...I am blown away. Have some of those ruins been rebuilt? Thanks for all the pics of all the different scenery, Diana. They are wonderful.
    By the by, yesterday I ran into a woman I use to work in a coffee shop with. (Ran into her in a coffee shop, too!) You remind me of her so I told her of your blog. She intended to check it out.

  12. Diana, Barb, and I are practicing on my new Blog, Just checking out your blog, You have some beautiful pictures of the Desert.


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