Saturday, May 14, 2011

Phoenix Zoo

I love going to zoos, and taking pictures of the animals. I know it's kind of lame to take pictures of animals in cages, but I like it anyway.

These turtles were in a pond outside the entrance. Apparently, everyone drops off their unwanted turtles here, and the place is being overrun.

One problem of taking pictures at this particular zoo is that all the animals are in the shade. But who can blame them?

The Phoenix Zoo is nice because it's just the right size. But it has a long way to go to catch up with some of the zoos I've been to recently, like St. Louis and Omaha.

Both the tiger and the lion were in fairly small enclosures.

But this little Andean bear (aka Spectacled Bear) had a huge complex all to himself. Apparently, he has a rich sponsor.

The Orangutans also have a brand new complex. This baby came out long enough to pick up some broccoli -

Then hightailed it back to the shade.

They had several giant tortoises from the Galapagos Islands. Not sure if I've ever seen them before.

This Rhinoceros was on medical watch. He doesn't look too good. Maybe he should move to the shade...

The California Condors were pretty unusual. They have a wingspan of 10 feet!

I just love the prairie dogs - soooo cute.

I got a glimpse of the Bighorn Sheep far in the distance. I probably could have walked up a steep hill to get closer, but isn't that what zoom lenses are for?

This unusual monkey is a Mandrill from Africa. His bright coloring helps him attract females.

But this little monkey was the funniest. He really wanted to interact with the kids on the other side of the glass. Wonder how much they pay him to pose?


  1. a great day at the zoo!..nice shots even though the poor animals are in cages! the Mandrill!!

  2. I like taking pictures of zoo animals. They can't move too fast or go very far and that gives me a chance to get at least a little bit of the animal in my picture...

    I'm hopeless at taking pictures of animals in the wild, so I take pitures of rocks and trees, they don't move as fast!

  3. I so love Zoo - and the very 1st picture is the BEST. I love turtles... any size or shape!! those little kids are cute and way funny about the monkey in the back of them. You have some aamzing shots...


  4. I love the san Diego Zoo for all the same reasons. That last turtle picture looks great.

  5. Good pictures. We also like zoo's and always take to many pictures.

  6. I like Zoo's also, I really like taking the Grandkids and watch their face. Enjoyed the post thanks.

  7. Zoos done right have an important role in education and conservation. If you enjoy zoos, you might like Out of Africa ... I think it's 1-2 hours from Phoenix (we spent a morning there driving back to Phoenix from Sedona ...

  8. Becky and I also try to visit the local zoos on our travels. Some like Dallas are disappointing and others like San Diego and Albuquerque are great.

    I always like your pictures. Each one saves you a thousand words of text!

  9. Those are mostly animals we'd never see except for zoos and it helps to appreciate them.
    I think that monkey had evil on his mind..those kids are the right size to be rivals.

  10. Wow thanks so much for sharing the zoo pictures I love the one at the end with the kids and the monkeys so cute lol

    My hubbys sister lives in Phoenix and I bet she has never been there.

  11. I love zoos, too. Great photos!

  12. Although I tend to find zoos depressing, it is the only way I would see any of these animals. Well, except the condors that we saw at the Grand Canyon. My favorite in the giant tortoise shot. You even got him to smile!


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