Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finally Moving Up the Hill

I've really enjoyed my spring in the Phoenix area, but it's gotten too hot even for me. But before I left, I made one more trip to find the perfect saguaro cactus bloom - this time to Canyon Lake.

And I think I found it! Thanks to the droopy arm on this guy, I can get a picture without a 20-foot ladder.


I moved up to Sedona, parking in the spot the WINs were in 4 years ago, on FR525. Unfortunately, this balloon company did not like that there were RVs parked there.

So at 5am, they parked 3 feet away from each of the 3 rigs there, and blew up their balloons. This parking area is bigger than several football fields, and there was no reason for them to park so close!

We gave up and moved to a different location, and then went on a great hike. Doe Mountain was recommended by the guy at the Visitor's Center.

It was a great hike. Some of the trail was a bit unique.

And the view from the top was spectacular!


  1. I can't believe they were that rude. Next time start building a camp fire to cook breakfast.:-O
    Great pix. of the flower and cactus. The Hike looked a lot of fun.

  2. Great pictures of the elusive saguaro blossom.

    I think Sedona is one of the prettiest places on earth...enjoy.

  3. Your photos are beautiful, sharp and clear. It gives me camping fever!

    Thank you.

  4. You persisted ... and we were all rewarded with a beautiful bloom. What a shame the ballooners were so rude ... they need to learn to play nice with RVers.

  5. Can't imagine why those ballooners did that! You were so lucky to get a bloom so up close and personal. :)

  6. That saguaro put that flower down there just for you!!

  7. Great pictures. Those guys were taking a chance that you would not come out with a shotgun and get in a little target practice using-I don't know-some large balloons?

  8. I agree those ballooners were rude!..geesh..anyone have a beebee gun??

  9. But the ladder would have been so funny. Congrats anyway. Actually, I think you must be livin' right to have found one. Beautiful bloom and WOW what sight from the mountain! So that is Sedona country. It is stunning. Crazy stunning.
    Sorry you had the unpleasant experience with the balloonists and glad you didn't allow them ruin your day.

  10. What jerks, with all that room, too. Nice that you took the high road and moved.

    Finally a close up of the cactus flower without a single drop of blood spilled from those sharp thorns.

    Stay cool!

  11. Wow those guys were full of hot air Pun Intended! What jerks!!
    WOW amazing close up of the saguaro Flower--Sedona is such an amazing place Ive been all around it, think its time for me to STOP there next time Im out that way!

  12. Wow, that does look like a beautiful hike! I guess we'll have to give that one a try our next time in town :)

    We did the West Fork hike this morning/afternoon before we headed out of town. We really enjoyed it.

    Great pics!

  13. I've been flying balloons for almost 40 years and I also can't see why they should have been that close. Balloonist generally don't do that sort of thing. I guess they had a reason but I can't see it.

    I've been travelling vicariously with you for around 4 years so I guess you can say I enjoy your writings.....

  14. OMG the view from the top is breathtaking, I love it!! Thats really sad about the hot ballooners being so rude.

  15. That's crazy that the Balloners would do that! Shame on them. Are you out south of Sedona towards Cottonwood?


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